Our Philosophy

At The Pipeline, we believe that organisations only achieve outstanding results when they build high-performing teams with a shared purpose. Outstanding performance is delivered through:

  • Collective endeavour: Each individual member brings a unique insight and skill. The team works together to an agreed goal.
  • Leadership: Leaders develop new leaders and are confident in their conversations however difficult they may be.
  • Diverse membership: In a successful team everyone feels they belong. They also always have a minimum of one-third female membership.

Leaders know this formula works but all too often they are so busy ‘doing’ that they don’t invest enough time in building high-performance teams, which can deliver more than any individual – however hard they work.

Leaders are frequently promoted for outstanding individual performance and have not always sufficiently invested in themselves to develop the skills, insights and confidence needed to build a great team.

Over time, leaders can come to believe that a team with members who look alike and understand one another is sufficient, despite decades of evidence to the contrary. Or worse, leaders are so busy they no longer even notice. Many also take it for granted that everyone understands their own purpose and that of their organisation and can articulate both.

At The Pipeline, we cause organisations to stop and reflect. We are practical and muscular – we use the evidence of what works and refuse to do what doesn’t. We have the research, experience and record of delivery to help individual leaders and their organisations to build the type of high-performing teams that move mountains.