We provide organisations with the data and insight necessary to achieve greater diversity and inclusion at all levels in the work place

To be successful, it is imperative that organisations create diverse teams, use every ounce of talent they possess and understand how to develop people both collectively and individually, to maximise potential. When building a diverse workforce it is also key to ensure that the employer brand and company purpose is well communicated, role modelled and attractive to new talent. However, many organisations have barriers that inhibit their ability to utilise and attract the diverse talent available.

Often, businesses are blind to these barriers and unaware of the significant impact they have on talent development and ultimately business results. Many organisations have made significant investments in Diversity and Inclusion, it may be that the entry level statistics now look more positive, but how do you sustain this improvement?

GENIE is a purpose-built online diversity and inclusion evaluation tool that has been built on primary and secondary academic research. The survey helps us to question the barriers we know to exist in organisations, and provide them with the data and insights necessary to achieve greater diversity and inclusion at all levels in the work place.

Our collaborators include: Professor Cary Cooper, Chairman of CIPD and Co-founder of Robertson Cooper and a Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health and Manchester Business School, Dr Lisa Calderwood, Principal Investigator of Longitudinal Study of Young People in England (LSYPE) and Senior Survey Manager for the UCL Centre for Longitudinal Studies, Dr Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Founder and CEO of Hewlett Consulting Partners and Founder and Chair Emeritus of the Centre for Talent Innovation, Dr Peter Collett, Behavioural Psychologist and former don at Oxford University and Dr Jill Collett, Business Psychologist and Executive Coach.

Juergen Maier CBE - Former CEO Siemens UK

If you believe, as I do, that talent is distributed evenly between the sexes and from people of all backgrounds, then we have to do better. The Pipeline’s research and interventions are essential for all organisations that want to grow.

Juergen Maier CBE