The Pipeline Coaching Approach

The mission and purpose of The Pipeline is to empower and support talented senior women in the workplace via our programmes, such as Top Flight which helps women secure their C-Suite, CEO or Executive Committee role, and Leadership Summit which empowers talented women in middle-management to secure their next promotion. We also coach both male and female leaders to build and sustain high performing diverse teams.

How I see Coaching

– William Devine, Head of The Pipeline’s Coaching Practice

The relationships we forge with our clients in Coaching are vital, building relationships of trust and confidence makes it safe to take risk and challenge, this is where alchemy, change and transformation take place

The Coaching relationship can create the space to do the most courageous work, to work through the internal barriers to greater success, confidence and authentic leadership.

We Coach the whole person, the person as well as the leader, Executive or Manager. In the 21st Century context of constant change, information overload, social media and the ‘always on’ culture the space between work and personal life has become smaller and smaller. In reality, consciously or unconsciously, we bring our whole selves to work.


How this translates in our Coaching approach is that the we pay attention to the wellbeing of each individual as people as well as professionals.

None of us exists nor works in a vacuum and so we Coach individuals, groups and teams with the bigger picture in mind e.g. the organisational culture, human dynamics or systems at play. The influence of the whole is greater than the parts. This awareness extends to our paying attention to what is going on in e.g. the economy, the sector, the society and the world.

We are currently living and working in the context of a Black Swan event, a rare and extreme unpredictable event, the Covid 19 Global Pandemic, which has had a dramatic impact on world health and the global as well as national economy. As a result the Pipeline’s approach to Coaching has become even more agile and versatile in how we are available and accessible to our clients to deliver safe, confidential, virtual transformational Coaching

William, The Pipeline